Job Announcement: Assistant Director of Pre-Trial Diversion/District Attorney Investigator


The purpose of this job is to provide administrative and case management support for the Pre-Trial Diversion Program in the District Attorney’s Office according to the Alabama Pre-Trial Diversion Law (Act 706). Under the general supervision of the Director of the Pre-Trial Diversion Program, the job incumbent conducts initial review and screening of defendants charged with statutory violations for acceptance into the Pre-Trial Diversion Program; conducts interviews and assesses information to include pending charge(s), investigative case files, criminal histories, and other pertinent information to make recommendations for eligibility to the program; coordinates, monitors, and collaborates with contracted service providers, including educational, training, employment, and counseling organizations; prepares contracts and reports for approval by the Director; assists with case management of clients; and performs Director responsibilities in the absence of the Director.

Please email your resume in Word or PDF format to no later than Friday, November 26, 2021.