Description of Work

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Child Support Unit was formed in 1980 to act as the legal counsel for the Montgomery County Department of Human Resources in court actions for paternity establishment and child support orders. The unit is made up of a director, two deputy district attorneys, and support staff. The two attorneys represent the State of Alabama and provide legal counsel for about 500 cases each month. About 400 new referrals are received monthly from the Department of Human Resources.


Child support collections in Montgomery County average over one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) a month.

Frequently Asked Questions


Services Available to Parents

The Department of Human Resources does the following:

  • Files court action for adjudication of paternity.
  • Establishes child support orders.
  • Collects and enforces child support by income withholding.
  • Initiates and prosecutes "in contempt" proceedings for failure to comply with court orders, modifies support orders to increase, decrease, or terminate support as circumstances change.


Who Services are for

  • These services are available to all parents regardless of financial need. Services are also provided for noncustodial parents residing in other states


Charges for Services

  • There are no charges for these services. The Department of Human Resources is authorized by Title IV-D Social Security Act (1975) and Alabama statutes to provide child support services for any parent seeking the establishment of the parent-child relationship and to have child support ordered and enforced


District Attorney's Involvement

  • The application for services must be made through the Department of Human Resources. The case is then referred to the District Attorney's Office by the Department of Human Resources
  • The contract between the Department of Human Resources and the District Attorney's Office bars the Child Support Unit from involvement and representation of custody and visitation matters