Jacoby Bean Convicted of Assault First Degree

News Release

January 16, 2020

Jacoby Bean Convicted of Assault First Degree

Montgomery County, Ala. – A Montgomery County jury has found Jacoby Bean guilty of Assault First Degree for the October 2016 shooting of Kadarius Adams, District Attorney Daryl Bailey announced.

The shooting stemmed from an ongoing dispute between Bean and the victim. Bean suspected that the victim broke into his house in the week leading up to the shooting. Bean approached the victim in the parking lot of an apartment complex before pulling a gun and shooting at him at least nine times. The victim was unarmed and was struck eight times.

Bean claimed self-defense and testified that he shot the victim after the victim produced a gun and pointed it in his direction. Eyewitness testimony contradicted that allegation and showed that the victim never produced any kind of weapon before he was shot. Bean was arrested four months after the shooting in possession of the gun used in the offense. He did not have a pistol permit and was out on bond for this offense at the time.

Bean was taken into custody when the jury returned their verdict and will be sentenced by Judge Brooke Reid on a date yet to be announced. He faces a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years.

District Attorney Daryl Bailey expressed his appreciation to Deputy District Attorneys Jasmyne Crimiel and Jonathan Morgan, for their work on this case. He also thanked DA Investigators John Brown and John Wilson, as well as Det. J.M. Bridge and the Montgomery Police Department for their tireless efforts in the investigation and prosecution of the case.

District Attorney Bailey said: “The ongoing violent crime in our city must stop. I am thankful that my office was able to remove another violent criminal off the streets. This man took the law into his own hands and now he is locked up where he belongs. We will be asking that he be sentenced to the maximum term of 20 years in prison.”